Security of web applications

Security is an important issue on web, applications are publicly available and literally anyone can open your website and try to gain access to restricted functions or exploit some known vulnerability. The web application has a very limited means to defend itself - HTTP protocol is stateless, IP addresses are dynamically allocated and can be obfuscated easily, the communication between clients and web server is transmitted over wires and devices which are controlled by various entities…

Moreover, most web applications are not continuously maintained – it means that a contractor made the application, deployed it, and the owner (usually not technically skilled person) does not want to invest any more money to fix eventual bugs which does not affect him directly. The price which a client is willing to pay affects also the quality of a hired contractor – a good web developer is more expensive than inexperienced one. The fact that web applications are also seemingly easy to produce makes it even worse.

Another issue with web applications is that they run on top of a stack build with many different technologies (various operating system, various web servers, various execution environments – e.g. PHP interpreters of various versions, various database systems…). All of these components are vulnerable and the Internet is full of people or bots who are trying to gain access into computers and applications and take them over with all kinds of motivations (from general curiosity over financial motives to envy or even revenge).

There are many kind of security issues, some of them are less dangerous, some of them are very serious.

You need to start thinking differently to build a secure web application: once you write some code, imagine yourself as someone who wants to break in – inexperienced web developers usually see themselves as the only users of the application. Those with higher skills consider also other nice-behaving users. But you have to think like the attacker to see your code in the right light.

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