This part of the TMWA book guides you through the actual development of a web application. However this is no ordinary tutorial. Here I show you all the necessary steps, I also try to show you how to approach different problems. There are examples and there are exercises with hidden solutions. I encourage you very much to look at them only when you have completed the exercise (or when you are terribly stuck). And finally, it is open ended. There is no final solution which you can copy and paste and pretend you’ve written it all. Sorry about that :) However the walkthrough contains everything you need to know and use to build the final solution (whatever that would be).

The walkthrough revolves around a web application for managing contacts and meetings. As there are thousands of solutions to this, I have prepared a project assignment which I will use through the examples and exercises (nothing prevents you from changing it).


You should be capable of slightly advanced use of your computer – you should know how to install programs, use a command line etc. To get you started with the basic source code writing skills, I suggest you to take some courses at Codecademy.