About me

I’m a senior software engineer currently working at Keboola.

I’m currently mostly a backend developer, but in 15+ years experience of software development, I’ve done a lot of different things. See LinkedIn for the official biography.

Nowadays, I’m mostly working mostly with PHP and Python. I design and implement scalable, maintainable and testable APIs. My daily work ranges from setting up the infrastructure via Terraform and setting up the CI pipelines, via writing the code and tests to designing interfaces and entire system architecture.

I’m a big fan of automation and testing. As such, our team of 4 engineers is able to work and maintain 2 mono-repositories and 95 repositories, which altogether contain 16 domain services, about 100 shared libraries, all totalling to more than 500k lines of code in different languages. Yeah, so automation and testing is a must.

Some superlatives I encountered during my Journey:

  • The language in which I wrote the least amount of code that still made sense – 8086 Assembler – I created one or two levels of a Sokoban game in just a few hundred bytes of code, but unfortunately, I lost it long ago.
  • The language that brings back the best memories – C# – “You fell asleep with your head on the keyboard, and you wake up to find the app is written.” It really felt like that, but then I moved to web development.
  • The language in which I wrote the longest function name – C++ – It was about 300 characters long and ended with an evacuation of the building. Don’t ask for details.
  • The language in which I completed my first paid work – Delphi – It was my first real job, and they let me choose the tools since the licensing was permissive at the time.
  • The language I’ve had to relearn the most times – Javascript – It started off pure, then came JQuery, followed by Node.js, ECMAScript 6, and now TypeScript…
  • The language I abandoned the quickest – Julia – Once the task was completed, I simply had no further use for it. It’s nothing personal.
  • The language in which I’ve written the least code overall – Lisp – I only wrote one function.
  • The language in which I’ve written the most code – PHP – By an order of magnitude.
  • The most ambivalent language – Python – While the language itself is impressive, there’s an overwhelming amount of poorly written code in it.
  • The most exasperating language – R – Have a vector with one number and ten nulls? It will return the number as an integer. Were you expecting a vector? Too bad.
  • The first language I ever coded in – Sinclair Basic – I was too young to remember what it was, and thankfully, it’s long gone (my code, not Sinclair).
  • The most eccentric language – Squirrel – It’s akin to Lua, but bears a closer resemblance to PHP, except for certain aspects that are more Python-like.
  • The language I was happiest to forget – Visual Basic for Applications – Until I had to learn it again… and again… and again…